How does ToGo work?

Enter your home-office route on ToGo and you will automatically join a WhatsApp like group of people traveling on your route daily. You can either:
1) Post your ride requirement (need/give lift) in the group by clicking on the chat button at the bottom.
2) Connect to people posting in the group by clicking on their post.
In the group chat interface, the car icon indicates a car owner willing to give lift, while the lift taker is indicated by a person icon.
Additionally, you can initiate chat with all people in your group, sorted by proximity, by clicking on “View Group Members & Chat” on the top.

Can I create more groups like ‘Home to Office’ and ‘Office to Home’?

Yes you can create upto 10 such groups by clicking on the plus button at right bottom on that page.  You can create intercity groups such as ‘Mumbai to Pune’ or ‘Pune to Mumbai’ as well.

Where will the pickup and drop points be?

We have just provided an interface for people traveling on the same route to get connected. The co-travelers can decide amongst themselves as to where the pickup and drop points should be. They can do so over chat/call.

How is the fare calculated?

As per the rate card, we calculate fare based on the distance common to the lift take and lift giver. This is a suggestive fare. The co-travelers are free to decide a fare mutually if they deem suitable, before the start of the journey.

How is the fare to be exchanged?

We leave it upto the co-travelers to decide the method of fare exchange. You can go for cash or send money to the live giver via Paytm if it is fine by the lift giver.

Can I share an auto/cab with other people?

Yes absolutely. ToGo just connects people traveling on the same route. You may initiate chat with people in your group and decide mutually if it would be suitable to travel along with them in a cab/auto.

How secure is it to travel with strangers via ToGo?

We have an optional official email ID verification process wherein we send a 4 digit code to the official email ID of the user. You may check the profile of the user to see if his/her official email ID is verified or not, before traveling with him/her.
Additionally, there is an option to join groups specific to your company or to your gender. So females can join female only groups as well. However the number of people might be less in your group due to these restrictions.

I am not getting a ride via ToGo. What should I do?

We request you to be patient. We are marketing widely in Mumbai and Pune. More and more people are joining daily due to our marketing efforts. As more people join your group, the probability of you getting a ride partner daily will increase manifold. Till such time we request you to be a part of the group. The groups are formed till perpetuity just like WhatsApp groups unless you delete them.

Are there any restrictions on how many people can travel together?

ToGo does not put any limits as such. But we suggest 4 people in a car max, including the car owner.

What if I post in the group and receive calls of many people? That would be irritating.

More than 3 people will not be able to call you by connecting to your post.
Also, you can de-activate the post once you have received requests from required number of co-travelers.