"The cost of a ride via carpooling is probably 1/3rd of Lyft, Ola Share or Uber pool"


A ToGo twitter follower

"In all other carpooling apps like Bla Bla Car, Tripda, Meru, Ibibo Ryde, Orahi, Lifto I have to send request to car owners one by one. With ToGo I just post in my WhatsApp like group and immediately start getting responses from fellow co-travelers. Very good!"


A ToGo Play Store user

"Delhi odd-even is a good excuse to start carpooling with ToGo!"


A ToGo Play Store user

"I think this is the only app with both intra-city and inter-city carpooling options. Previously used BlaBlaCar for intercity ride sharing"


A ToGo Twitter Follower

"Cityflow and Shuttl are doing good in shuttl space. Hope you guys rock the carpooling space!"


A ToGo Play Store user